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Britney Jeau Spears was born on December 2, 1981. Her hometown is
Kentwood, LA until her success on the Mickey Mouse Club, when she
moved to Orlando, Florida. Britney stands 1.70 meters tall. She
weighs about 55 kilogrammes. Britney's Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius.
Britney was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club since 1993. She
appeared in the off-broadway performance of Ruthless. Britney's goals in
life, are to have her album become a huge success and she wants to tour
all over the world. Influences in Britney's past are Mariah Carey and
Whitney Houston. Britney's favorite food is Cookie Dough Ice Cream,
Pasta, and Hot Dogs. Oh baby baby blue is Britney's favorite color.
On Britney's freetime, she likes going to the shopping mall with her
friends and buying a lot of outfits. Some things that she likes to do are
singing, dancing, and reading trashy novels. The last book Britney read
was The Horse Whisperer. Britney's favorite movies are My Best
Friend's Wedding and Steel Magnolias. When she shops, she usually
buys brand names like Betsey Johnson, Bebe, A/X by Giorgio Armani.
Britney's favorite sports are basketball and swimming and her sports
team, well they are the Chicago Bulls and New York Yankees! In
Britney's future, she plans to major in Business and/or Communications

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